Drive a Tesla

Today I want to tell you about my experience driving electric cars. The topic is a hot one, many people are reluctant to change, they can't stand the idea of not hearing the roar of the engine, especially when it comes to sports cars.

Well, for me the experience after a year of driving one Tesla model 3 performanceis absolutely positive.

The main advantage is the availability of driving torque immediate; contrary to the endothermic engine, in fact, it is not necessary to wait for the ideal number of engine revolutions to have maximum power, this is all available immediately, as soon as you press the accelerator. In particular, with Tesla model 3 performance, it takes very little to feel "fired" with acceleration similar to that available on a roller coaster.

Of course, this doesn't mean wanting to run all the time, but it's much easier to be in traffic with constant acceleration and braking.

As far as braking is concerned, you will have to get used to not braking anymore. Oh yes because with the perfect calibration of the regenerative braking, Tesla has done a formidable job and it is possible to stop the car progressively simply by removing or lightening the foot on the accelerator.

With regard to consumption, then, with my driving style, they are on average around 18Kwh/100km, which with current subscriptions to energy suppliers through columns means spending 6 or 7 euros for every 100km travelled. Not bad I would say.

Let's come to the most delicate part, recharging: this is the only aspect that needs getting used to, charging an electric car today means having time; download various "APPs" to look for the closest and most available charging station, also have time to study the most convenient and most suitable season ticket for your lifestyle, or rather how much you travel and therefore your consumption.

Well, in my opinion, this is an aspect that is gradually improving, as the months go by, it is possible to see a great increase in the installation of charging stations, even in motorway service stations.

The secret to mitigating the discomfort of recharging is connect the car to the network when not in use. In this way you will always have the car charged without particular inconveniences as the ranges are now in the order of 400-500km.

My advice is to switch to an electric car as soon as possible because not only will it be mandatory in a few years but you are also in a whole new world which, once you get used to it, will be difficult to give up.

The second piece of advice is to aim for the "top" technology currently available, both in terms of efficiency and the driving experience. And needless to say, today the top is that brand that starts with a T and ends with an A!.

We at are starting a period of strong customer involvement in the change towards electric mobility, planning a series of test drives and events of which the first is scheduled for December 3, 2022 at our headquarters.


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November 18, 2023