Discover the advantages of short-term electric car rental in Rome

Are you looking for a smart, convenient and eco-friendly way to explore the eternal city? Our short-term electric car rental service offers a perfect solution, combining comfort and sustainability. That's why choosing an electric car for your next trip to Rome is not only an excellent choice for the environment, but also offers unique advantages that will enrich your travel experience.

  • Unlimited access to the restricted traffic zone and free parking on the Blue Stripes

One of the biggest obstacles when visiting Rome is the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), which limits access to non-residents during certain times. However, our electric cars are already authorized by the Municipality of Rome to freely access these areas. This means you can enjoy the freedom to explore the beating heart of the city, from the wonders of the Colosseum to the majesty of the Trevi Fountain, without worrying about traffic restrictions.

Furthermore, parking in Rome can be a challenge, but with our electric cars, you will have the privilege of parking for free on the blue lines. This is a fantastic opportunity to save not only time, but also money, allowing you to invest more in your Roman experiences.

  • Free Valet Service for rentals of at least seven days

To make your experience even more worry-free, we offer an exclusive and free valet service for all rentals of at least seven days. Whether you arrive at the airport or anywhere else in the city, one of our representatives will personally deliver the electric car to you, allowing you to start your trip to Rome in maximum comfort and style. At the end of the rental, we will take care of returning the car, wherever you are in the city.

  • Why Choose Electric Cars in Rome?

In addition to the practical advantages, choosing an electric car to explore Rome is a concrete gesture towards environmental sustainability. Zero emissions help keep the city's air clean and protect precious historical monuments from pollution. Furthermore, the silent and elegant driving experience of an electric car is perfectly suited to the unique atmosphere of Rome, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without the noise and stress of conventional traffic.

  • Book Now Your Experience in Rome with an Electric Car

Booking your short-term electric car rental is simple. Visit our website to choose the model you prefer and get ready to discover Rome like never before. With the exclusive advantages of access to the restricted traffic zone, free parking on the blue lines and our free valet service for rentals of at least seven days, your Roman adventure will be unforgettable.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Rome in a sustainable, comfortable and absolutely unique way. Book today your electric car and start planning your trip to the eternal city!

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November 18, 2023